Tarang Current Executive Committee – 2020-2021




Surya Teja Eada

Vice President  



Usman Salahuddin




Noorpreet Kaur




Ehsan ul Haque

Senator – GSS  



Nissi Melichar

Event Coordinator  



Tejas Bhosale

Outreach Head  



Usman Ali

Cultural Committee  



Namita Prabhu






Swathi Venkatesan

Tech Committee



Suman Kumari




Kaustubh Prabhu

Student Advisor  



Shamayeta Bhattacharya

Faculty Advisor  



Dr. Dipak Dey

If you are interested in joining Tarang’s Executive Board, please contact any of the current Board Members to apply.

Tarang as an organisation was born in the year 2007 and has grown under the fantastic leadership of the executive committees:

Previous Boards

Tarang Executive Committee – 2019-2020

 President Shamayeta Bhattacharya
 Vice president Shraddha Sawant
 Treasurer Utsav Awasthi
 Secretary Treena Goswami
 Senator-GSS Shayani Parida
 Cultural Secretary Pratyajit Mohapatra
 Cultural Coordinator Iram Sifat
 Outreach Head Anup Tiwari
 Secretary – Tech Santhosh Periasamy
 Event Coordinator Md. Tuhin Sheikh
 Advisor Preeti Srinivasan
 Faculty Advisor  Dr. Dipak Dey


Tarang Executive Committee – 2018-2019

 President  Preeti Srinivasan
 Vice president  Arshiah Mirza
 Treasurer  Manish Goyal

Shraddha Sawant

 Secretary  Surya Teja Eada
 Senator-GSS  Tithi Basu Mallik
 Cultural Secretary  Tulika Paul
 Outreach Head  Vandana Gurung
 Secretary – Tech  Aravind Sugumar Rajan
 Event Coordinator  Anurag Amin
 Advisor  Saketh Gudipati
 Faculty Advisor  Dr. Dipak Dey


Tarang Executive Committee – 2017-2018

 President  Saketh Gudipati
 Vice president  Deepa Shukla
 Treasurer  Ajinkya Deshmukh
 Secretary  Preeti Srinivasan
 Senator-GSS  Tithi Basu Mallik
 Cultural Secretary  Harish Krishnamurthi
 Outreach Head  Jyoti Nandi
 Secretary – Tech  Arshiah Mirza
 Event Coordinator  Rishav Aryal
 Advisor  Shariq Mohammed
 Faculty Advisor  Dr. Dipak Dey


Tarang Executive Committee – 2016-2017

 President  Shariq Mohammed
 Vice president  Deepthi Varghese
 Treasurer  Saketh Gudipati
 Senator-GSS / Secretary-Tech  Rishav Aryal
 Secretary  Deepa Shukla
 Cultural Secretary  Samiksha Vaidya
 Event Coordinator  Sudeep Bapat
 Advisor  Vignesh Vasu
 Faculty Advisor  Dr. Suresh Nair


Tarang Executive Committee – 2015-2016

 President  Vignesh Vasu
 Vice president  Sudeep Bapat
 Treasurer  Shariq Mohammed
 Secretary – Tech  Abhishek Bishoyi
 Secretary  Deepthi Varghese
 Cultural Secretary  Deepa Shukla
 Event Coordinator  Harshul Khanna
 Secretary  Madugula Drona Reddy
 Advisor  Sriram Vijayan
 Faculty Advisor  Dr. Suresh Nair


Tarang Executive Committee – 2014-2015


President & COO Sriram Vijayan
Chief Financial Officer Joseline Raja
Secretary – Tech Anubhav Mathur
Secretary Sudeep Bapat
Secretary – Operations Anees Ahmed
Secretary – Outreach Abraham Pellissery
Secretary Deepthi Varghese
Advisor Ajith Pattammattel
Faculty Advisor Dr. Suresh Nair


Tarang Executive Commitee – 2013-2014

President Ajith Pattamattel
Chief Financial Officer Lalit Mahajran
Event Coordinator Aditya Pote
PRO, Webmaster Rahul Narayan
Cultural Secretary (Internal) Bushra Husain
Cultural Secretary (External) Purva Shanbhag
Newcomers Coordinator Sriram Vijayan
Undergrad Coordinator Shruti Yedave
Faculty Advisor Dr. Suresh Nair